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Adventures with Heart

Series Starter Collection

About the Book

A series starter collection of historical fantasy novels with independent women and fierce men who would win their hearts, sprinkled with a touch of magic. This set contains:

Nefertiti’s Heart

Feisty Cara has a simple mission in London – finalise her father’s estate and sell off his collection of priceless artifacts. Her plan goes awry when a killer stalks the nobility, searching for an ancient Egyptian relic rumoured to hold the key to immortality.

Obsidian Eyes

Allie lives in a shadow world until she is thrust into the light of the aristocratic St Matthew’s Academy. More at ease with a blade than a needle, she is stalked along the ancient corridors by a Scottish lord intent on determining why she is among them. The answer will result in her having to choose between protecting a friend and betraying her world…

Dawn’s Promise

Born with fragile health, tragedy leaves Dawn alone and penniless with only one talent – a green thumb. The position of gardener at a derelict estate seems perfect. Except the estate is full of secrets, ravens cluster on the parapets, and a ghostly young woman cries out at night. This garden conceals a rotten heart…

Ella, The Slayer

After the flu pandemic of 1918, Ella copes the best she can scrubbing floors and slaying the undead that attack the locals. Her world collides with another when she nearly decapitates the neighbouring duke. He has a mission from the War Office — control the plague of vermin in Somerset. He needs help; he just didn’t expect to find it in a katana-wielding scullery maid…

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The Details

Published: July 1, 2020
Publisher: Ribbonwood Press
Formats: Ebook

Genres & Tropes
Historical Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction, Historical Mystery, Supernatural Suspense, Fairy Tale, Mythology