Saturday, 21 April 2012

Steampunk A-Z: S is for sidesaddle

I know what you're thinking - sidesaddle? That's not steampunk. Well it will be when I'm finished with it! I am slowly putting together a steampunk sidesaddle outfit. And an artist friend has promised to paint mechanical cogs on my pony *hint hint* It should make a fun photo shoot at the least, or hopefully I will confound the locals at the next sidesaddle show... lol

This is Catherine "Skittles" Walters, a renown Victorian courtesan. The courtesans were the IT girls of the Victorian era.When the courtesans rode out on Rotten Row their riding habits were always at the cutting edge of fashion.  Polite society looked down on them, then rushed home to copy their style. Skittles was infamous for the tightness of her habit. It was rumored she was sewn into it and men gathered to speculate whether she wore undergarments or not.

This is us in "normal" sidesaddle attire, not quite as elegant as Skittles. Watch this space for the steampunk version :)