Saturday, 14 April 2012

Steampunk A-Z: M is for mechancial elephant!

This fantastic creature was created as part of a show to commenerate the death of Jules Verne and is now a tourist attraction in the French city of Nantes.

He stands 12-metre high by 8-metre wide and was constructed for a show called The Sultans Elephant which was performed in 2005-2006. Now his only job is as a tourist attraction.

He is pure architecture in motion when he heads out for a walk. The elephant can carry 49 passengers for a journey on the Ile de Nantes. Each time the pachyderm goes out, it is a unique spectacle for everyone to enjoy.

From the inside, the passengers will be able to see the moving gears that power the legs. They can make the elephant trumpet and control some its movements, as they become part of the Machine. On the back of the elephant is the equivalent of being on the 4th floor of a moving house, with a breathtaking view of the banks of the Loire River. In this time-travelling carriage, the passengers can voyage to the imaginary world of Jules Verne in the city where he was born.