Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Steampunk A-Z: I is for Insects

Chris Conte was born in Norway before moving to New York at a young age. He used to make prosthetic limbs, before he combined his knowledge with a love of sculpture and biomechanics. He has designed an extraordinary range of steam powered and clockwork insects. It is worth browing his gallery, some of his other sculptures are pretty amazing too - if somewhat unnerving to study too closely!

I'm not a spider person, but I want ten of these, as minions, to scurry about doing secret stuff for me...

Mike Libby is based in Maine and fuses real life specimens with watch parts. He has been exhibited at the Smithsonian and his work is found across the US and in boutiques in Europe.

There's something quite beautiful about this dragonfly, I can imagine dozens of them skiming the surface of a pond, the late sunight glinting off their brass structure.